For existing customers of SDScribe™

You can download the last version of SDScribe™ 2015, SDScribe™ 2016, SDScribe™ 2017, or the current version of SDScribe™ 2018 using these links to program installers. These update installers will not overwrite your existing work (your data). As a precaution, however, you should always back up your data to a separate location before installing.

NOTE: Do NOT install SDScribe™ 2015 if you have already upgraded to SDScribe™ 2016 or 2017.
NOTE: Requires a serial number for SDScribe™ 2017.
NOTE: Do NOT install SDScribe™ 2016 if you have already upgraded to SDScribe™ 2017.

NOTE: Requires a serial number for SDScribe™ 2018.

Upgrade to the current version of SDScribe™

If you are a user of an earlier version of SDScribe™, the current version of the program has many new features, including:

  • Existing SDS records can be designated as templates, for use when creating a new SDS.
  • Improved Suggestion report with styled text for emphasis. The program can paste underlined suggestions into the SDS, at the click of a button.
  • Stock phrases can be associated with fields on the SDS, so that relevant phrases will appear when opening the stock phrases dialog.
  • Product Safety Data Sheet (PSDS) capability for products which are articles. Includes an optional disclaimer which can be inserted at the top of the first page.
  • Improved SDS diagnostics, with green labels highlighting missing field or other content.
  • New sorting options for regulations and components that appear on the SDS.
  • Exposure limits and regulations can be individually omitted from the SDS.
  • Improved appearance for GHS pictograms when printed, and the option of printing the name of each pictogram.
  • Customizable font colors and background color bars for SDS section titles. 
  • New header style and font size reduction options, to generate a more compact SDS.
  • Simplified Chinese SDS section labels and hazard categories (optional).
  • Export and import routines for transferring SDSs to another copy of the program.
  • The SDS can be used to create a new Substance record.
  • SDS records can be designated as archived, so that they won't normally appear in the SDS browse list. 
  • Completely redesigned Substance record entry form, with new fields corresponding to the SDS-record fields. Improves ease of copying information in either direction (Substance -> SDS or SDS -> Substance).
  • Enhanced quick searches for Substance records now include product names, supplier names, synonyms, and the ability to search for components of a material. The last five quick searches appear in a drop-down menu next to the search box (Substance browse list).
  • Ability to calculate minimum and maximum percent concentrations from molarity levels of Substance records (dilute aqueous solutions).
  • Added a parts section for containers, lids, labels, packaging, and other items relevant to production. You can enter unit costs as well as volume discounts.
  • The optional Inventory/Production Manager handles part and ingredient stocks; generates purchase orders; prepares recipes/BOMs, calculates production costs; and records production operations. You can print batch sheets for production workers and even attach a scanned copy after it is complete.

To upgrade to the current version of SDScribe™, go to our Purchasing page.