Inventory/Production Manager Features

As an affordable add on to SDScribe™, we offer Inventory and Production Manager, a powerful tool for inventorying your raw materials and finished products, preparing batch and recipes sheets, and even purchase orders.

Quick inventory to set stock levels.

Batch data entry

  • In the same software as SDScribe™!  Save time not having to install more software.
  • Quick inventory maintains part and ingredient (raw material) stock levels for your warehouse.
  • Set reorder levels for parts and ingredients, and generate reorder reports.
  • Automatically generate multiple purchase orders from parts and ingredients that are below reorder levels, or generate individual purchase orders by selecting parts or ingredients.
  • Create production batches that allocate against raw materials stock, and place product into finished goods stock.
  • Generate batch sheets (BOMs) for the workers to use during production.  
  • Calculate per-bottle costs (including parts, ingredients, labor, and markup) of a production run.
  • Maintain batch history including lot numbers, task dates/times, spillage, and remarks.
  • More...