SDScribe™ use by more than one person

Simultaneous use (multi-user)

Currently we do not offer a multi-user version of the program. There are server and “per-seat” software licensing costs which we would need to pass through to our users.

Remote desktop

If additional users need access the program from their desk, and they do not need to access the program simultaneously, then you can install the program on just one workstation (or a “virtual” instance of Windows, if you use those), and then use Windows Remote Desktop or VNC to connect from the workstation on your desk. Ask your IT department if these options are available in your office.

Individual copies

You can install SDScribe™ on independent workstations, one for each user. Each user would be entering information into a separate data file on disk, however, so that your SDSs and/or batch formulas would be spread over these locations. You would need to know which copy of the program contained the particular batch or SDS that you want to access.

Server-based data file sharing

One other approach we have occasionally used in the multiple-user, non-simultaneous case is to place the SDScribe™ program on each user workstation, and place the data file in a commonly-accessible location, like a file-sharing disk on the server. This option relies on fast and uninterrupted access to the server, however, and it can fail if the server if someone else is uploading huge files or performing some other type of disk-intensive or processor-intensive activity. If the server share isn’t immediately available, the SDScribe™ may generate error messages which (often incorrectly) suggest that your data is damaged.


Many of our competitors offer web-based programs, which by their nature generally provide multi-user access. SDScribe™ takes the more traditional approach of not being web-based, because of the way that the program evolved over time.

In addition, hosting data “in the cloud” has its own hazards, as we have seen by the many cases of hackers stealing information from both governmental and private organizations. Remember the millions of records taken from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and from Equifax (the credit agency), the movies stolen from Sony Pictures, and even the Google and Facebook heists. In some cases it may be safer to keep your batch and composition information within your own facility walls.


For inquiries concerning use of SDScribe™ with more than one user, please contact support for more information.

[rev. 10.19.2018]