SDScribe™ 4.04 update

There was an issue with the “[N]o data” button on the SDS entry form, so we needed to release a minor update to SDScribe™ 2018 (v. 4.04). If you ran an earlier version of the 2018 program today, you may have already received notification that the update is available.

Additionally, we received feedback from some users indicating that the “slow click” (“long click”) method of entering table cells was difficult for them to master. Accordingly, this version offers a single-click method for cell entry. It’s more-or-less what you would expect when you edit a cell in a spreadsheet program.

To activate the new feature, go to File (menu) -> Preferences -> Other settings (tab) , and check the box, “Single-click mode when editing tables”. If you decide you don’t like it, you can always turn it off again by un-checking the preference box at a later time.

When selecting more than one row, as before you will use a [Shift]-click to select contiguous rows, or a [Ctrl]-click to select non-contiguous rows. When you click to highlight the first row in a selection, the cursor may instead click into a cell for editing. However, you should still be able to select more than one row; [Shift]-click or [Ctrl]-click to select the next row or rows. To completely avoid clicking into an editable cell, click on a column (for the row you want to select) that you know is read-only.

If you are opening a copy of the “starter” data file for the first time, the program will automatically select the “Single click…” option for you.

If you experience any problems with single-click entry mode, please let us know. There is now a “Report an issue” button in the File menu. Provided you have a default Windows email program, the email program should open to compose a new message, with our address already entered.

The final option on this tab is “Single-click mode when editing tables”.

The final option on this tab is “Single-click mode when editing tables”.