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SDScribe™ is an affordable, easy-to-use solution for creating your own OSHA-compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) in GHS format. With our SDS authoring software, you enter product information under tabs that match the sixteen sections of a Safety Data Sheet. Press a button and watch the SDS appear as an editable word processing document!

For the price that a consultant might charge to produce one or two SDSs, you can have your own SDS generator, for all of your products. Included in the product is a label generator for providing OSHA-required label text and pictograms. Also available is our Inventory and Production Manager for inventorying raw materials and finished products, product formulation, batch recipe preparation, and more. Create SDSs. Create labels. Create batch sheets.

Download a 30 day free trial today. Only $795 with the Formulator Wizard; and $1449 for the works!

Why Purchase SDScribe™ ?



  • Simple and intuitive, organized just like an SDS.
  • Create SDSs from templates for corrosive, reactive, flammable, etc., materials.
  • Suggestion Wizard helps classify health hazard of mixtures, and can insert the associated hazard statements, precautionary statements, signal word, and pictograms.
  • Guide Wizard included to walk you step-by step in a logical order
  • Formulator Wizard included for handling mixture components for SDS Section 3. 
  • Customizable stock phrases to quickly paste first aid assistance, firefighting methods, and more.
  • Unlimited levels of mixture components within other mixtures. 
  • Support for both UN and ECHA (European) SDS formats.
  • Separate content in the same SDS for a non-English language.
  • Print GHS-compliant container labels.
  • Substance dictionary with over 75,000 chemicals.
  • GHS classifications, hazard phrases, pictograms, and signal words for over 3,000 chemicals.
  • OSHA exposure limits for over 400 chemicals.
  • Optional French, Italian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish section headers, GHS classes, statements, etc.

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