Personal Care

Personal Care Market Challenges

Formulating and marketing safe and effective personal care products in a competitive world is hard enough. Safety data sheets are often required from distributors and retailer and end users, and they must meet new and ever-changing regulations without disclosing unnecessary details to competitors.

Whether your products are soaps, scrubs, lotions, contain fragrances, or are fragrance free, SDScribe™ provides a simple, cost-effective way to create SDSs. Optional features include maintaining an inventory of raw materials and finished products, and creating batch production records which can allocate against raw materials stock.

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SDS Templates for Personal Care Products

SDScribe™ includes templates for personal care products. When you create an SDS using a template, the new SDS will already have content in many sections, saving you time. Complete other parts of the SDS using a selection of stock phrases which are relevant to particular fields on the form.

You can customize a template so that it is more relevant to your product line. You can even create your own templates from completed SDSs – you identify content that is not common to the other SDSs, and SDScribe™ removes it from the template.


SDS templates have a yellow background to distinguish them from actual Safety Data Sheets. You can customize templates by entering information common to all of your products, such as contact addresses and emergency telephone numbers.

Built-in Resources

Example of a surfactant in the Substance database

Example of a surfactant in the Substance database

SDScribe™ comes preloaded with valuable data that will save you countless hours of manual data entry.  

  • Substance dictionary with over 75,000 chemicals.
  • GHS classifications, hazard phrases, pictograms, and signal words for over 3,000 chemicals.
  • EPA Safer Choice Chemical Ingredients list of over 1000 chemicals
  • Personal Care and Cosmetic lists -over 20,000 INCI, INN, EU pharmacopoeia names. COSING status
  • OSHA exposure limits for over 400 chemicals.
  • Special Section 3 display for Personal Care (see image below)
  • Ability to Identify your raw materials and finished products by category, such as:
    • Surfactant
    • Solvent
    • Pigment
    • Defoamer
    • Chelant
    • Wetting agent
    • Fragrance
    • Colorant
    • etc
Personal care display which shows EU status and INCI name

Personal care display which shows EU status and INCI name

Help with Health Hazard Classifications

Included in SDScribe™ is the powerful Suggestion Wizard, which identifies potential health hazard classifications associated with the ingredients of the product. It can automatically add the GHS classifications, pictograms, health and precautionary statements, and signal word. Many personal care products have components such as sodium metasilicate pentahydrate or sodium laureth sulfate which are harmful to the eyes and skin. SDScribe™ will perform calculations and compare mixture concentrations to the prescribed cutoff limits.   

Suggestion wizard for powdered laundry detergent

Suggestion wizard for powdered laundry detergent

Inventory Control, Batch Abilities and More 

As an affordable add on to SDScribe™, we offer Inventory and Production Manager, a powerful tool for inventorying your raw materials and finished products, preparing batch and recipes sheets, and even purchase orders.  Small and medium sized business still using spreadsheets should consider this intelligent and cost-saving add on.  Watch the video to learn more.